Personal Membership Policies

Good Standing

All Campus Club functions and events must be sponsored by a club member in good standing. Your electronic membership card allows you to sign for services when using the dining or bar facilities. The card is the property of the Campus Club and may be canceled at any time.

Statements and Payments

Payment for club services for the past month will be billed at the beginning of each month. You may pay with credit card or check. You may also use the Autopay. Fill this out, sign it, and return it to the Campus Club business office (room 403). The club policy is payment by the 25th of each month. Past due accounts may be assessed a finance charge of 1.5% (18% annually).

Change of Status

If you change residence, jobs, email, telephone, etc., please contact us via email at [email protected] or 612-625-9696 so we can update your membership record.

Alcoholic Beverages

The Campus Club serves beer, wine, and spirits. Members and guests must be 21 years of age to be served. We will ask for valid identification from any person who looks to be under the age of 35. The club will not serve alcoholic beverages to members or guests who appear to be intoxicated.

Outside Food and Beverage

We do not allow you to bring food and beverage from home or that you purchased elsewhere. If you are here for an event, the event contact will have preordered food and beverage for your group. Please contact us in advance if you or one of your guests have special dietary needs that need special accommodation.

You may not bring your own alcohol to the Campus Club. The exception to this is if you would like to bring in a bottle of wine, champagne or spirits for a special celebration, in which case corkage fees will apply. Please contact us in advance about this.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Memberships

Do I have to be a member to use the Campus Club?

No, however non-members are charged an additional 15% fee. Guests of members are not subject to this fee. The club makes it easy to bring guests. Please contact Ann Holt, Executive Director at 612-624-6626 or [email protected].

Do I have to be a member to reserve a room or book an event?

Yes, unless you have a friend or colleague who is a member and will sponsor your event. 

Contact the Events Office at [email protected] or 612-625-1967 for more information.

How do I pay for services at the Campus Club?

Personal members have several choice.

  • Pay as you go with cash or credit card. (Students at the Discount Rate use this option.)
  • Charge to your account.
    • Each month you will receive a statement of charges to your account.
    • If you prefer this approach the club highly recommends that you sign up for Autopay through your bank or credit card.
    • Pay your monthly charges with check or credit card.
    • View and pay your statement online.

You cannot use payroll deduction to pay your monthly bill. Payroll deduction applies to dues only.

How do I pay for my guest at the Campus Club?

We prefer you use your Campus Club Member Card to charge for services. Your guests may pay for themselves in the Servery or the bar, as long as it is associated with your member number. Please use Guest Cards in the Servery. In the bar, please tell the bartenders your member number and how your guests will be paying.

What are Guest Cards?

Guest Cards are small paper cards that tell our cashiers how to charge a guest’s lunch. You hand them out to your guests prior to them approaching our cashiers. This system makes it easier for you to bring guests to the Campus Club for lunch. Call our front desk in advance to request these, or just ask at the front desk when you arrive. If you bring guests regularly, we’re happy to give you a supply.

Write your Campus Club member number on the cards and indicate on each card whether you are charging this to your personal account or whether your guest is paying.

If you reserve a table or a room, we will fill out Guest Cards for you. Let us know whether to charge your personal account or whether your guest is paying. Pick these up at the front desk when you arrive. 

Is there a limit to the number of guests I may bring?

No, but we have a limited number of tables that hold more than 8 guests. You may want to reserve a table if you have 6 or more guests. Call our front desk 612-626-7788 to clarify arrangements.

Can I get a second Campus Club Member Card for my spouse or domestic partner?

Yes. Second cards for spouses or domestic partners are available at no cost. All charges go to the original member account. Ask Ann Holt, Executive Director by calling 612-624-6626.

Do I need to bring my Campus Club Member Card every time I use the club?

We recommend it. But if you forget it, we can always look up your number.

What if I lose my Campus Club Member Card?

Tell Ann you need a new one. There is no charge for a replacement. It normally takes no more than 7 days to get a replacement card. If you use the club before you get your replacement card, we can issue you a temporary card which works just as well.

Can I pay for services with cash or check or credit card at the Campus Club?

We prefer that you charge to your account. If you forget your card we can look up your member number in our files. This relates to a ruling from the IRS regarding our tax-exempt status. However you may also pay with cash or check or credit card.

For other questions, please contact Ann Holt, Executive Director, at 612-624-6626 or [email protected].