Our Food

At the Campus Club, local food is not just a trend. We choose to source our foods locally because it tastes better, is healthier, fresher, and supports the farmers and purveyors in our community. We cook from scratch for the same reasons. Because of this our staff is able to tell you exactly where your food comes from, what is in it, and how it was prepared. Campus Club chefs are well versed in vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free and low sodium diets.
For our chefs, food is fun. Food is play. Food is inspiration, and memory and community. Our food is ever changing, with the seasons, the weather, with our moods and with our chef’s own cravings. We  find inspiration for our cooking from our own family recipes, from our  travels, reading, and our own adventures in eating. We experiment and play with flavors, textures and ingredients, and in doing so, find joy in feeding our members. Because many of our members dine at the Club on a near daily basis, we feel an extra responsibility for the  healthfulness and integrity of the foods we serve them.  

We think green not only in how our food is sourced but also in how we run the whole Club. 

Our Food Partners