1 The Campus Club of the University of Minnesota
2 Bylaws
4 Article I: Purpose
6 The purpose of The Campus Club of the University of Minnesota (hereinafter referred to
7 as The Campus Club) is to facilitate and enhance the missions and activities of the
8 University community. It provides a common, informal gathering place, a place for broad
9 community interaction, rooms for social and business meetings, and facilities for dining
10 and receptions. Use of The Campus Club is open to all members of the University
11 community: faculty, staff, students, Regents, alumni, and their constituencies.
13 Article II: Membership
15 Section 1: Regular Membership
17 Regular membership in The Campus Club shall be conferred after proper application to
18 the Executive Director. All University faculty, staff, students, alumni, and Regents shall
19 be deemed eligible for regular membership. Monthly dues and/or fees, in amounts
20 determined by the Board, may be assessed for twelve months of the year. Regular
21 members shall have voting privileges.
23 Section 2: Emeriti or Retired and Surviving-Partner Membership
25 All emeriti or retired University employees and surviving partners are eligible for
26 membership. Such members may be assessed an annual administrative fee or dues,
27 determined by the Board, and shall have voting privileges.
29 Section 3: Affiliate Membership
31 Affiliate membership may be authorized upon proper application to the Executive
32 Director. Affiliate members shall be assessed an administrative fee or dues to be
33 determined by the Board. Affiliate members shall not have voting privileges. The
34 categories of affiliate membership include: (a) visiting guest faculty or staff, donors to the
35 University, departmental custodians associated with units of the University, and community 
36 organizations (b) other persons or organizations whose affiliation with the University merits 
37 consideration for affiliate membership.
39 Section 4: Termination of Membership
41 The right to continue as a member of The Campus Club shall end when the member’s
42 relationship with the University terminates, except upon the member’s retirement. The
43 Executive Director may approve continuation of membership under other circumstances.
44 All rights and interests in the privileges of The Campus Club shall cease with the
45 termination of membership.
47 A member may be discharged for nonpayment of dues, assessments, or other
48 indebtedness.
50 Section 5: Reinstatement
52 A former member may be reinstated when both the following conditions have been met:
53 (a) the former member is entitled to become a member under Section 1, 2, or 3 of this
54 Article; and (b) the former member has satisfied all financial obligations.
56 Section 6: Office Privileges
58 The right to hold office shall be limited to regular members in good standing.
60 Article III: Meetings
62 The annual meeting of The Campus Club shall be held during the month of May, the
63 exact date to be fixed by the Board. At least ten business days’ notice of the annual
64 meeting shall be given to the membership.
66 Special meetings may be called at any time by the Board on their own motion or shall be
67 called at the written request of any twenty regular members. Notice of such special
68 meetings, with a statement of the business to be transacted, must be sent to each regular
69 member at least ten business days prior to the meeting.
71 The majority of a duly constituted quorum at any special or regular meeting may, by
72 resolution, empower the Board to conduct a referendum by mail on any matter for which
73 the meeting was called, such a referendum to be accomplished by a fully documented
74 presentation of the principal arguments relating to the question referred to the
75 membership as raised at the meeting, and such a referendum to have the full force and
76 effect of a majority vote of the quorum at any meeting.
78 Article IV. Quorum
80 At any annual or special meeting of The Campus Club, a quorum shall be constituted by
81 no fewer than ten voting members of The Campus Club, at least four of whom shall be
82 members of the Board. All business of The Campus Club shall be transacted by majority
83 vote of those present and voting. The presence of one third of the voting members of the
84 Board shall constitute a quorum at Board meetings.
86 Article V. Elections
88 In the fall, the Executive Director will inform the membership of the elections process, and
89 ask that members interested in serving on the board submit a letter of interest to the executive  
90 director. During the spring semester the President shall appoint a nominating committee,
91 which shall consist of two Board members and may include regular Club members who  
92 are not members of the Board. The Executive Director will give the letters of interest to the
93 nominating committee for consideration. The number of persons nominated may or may not
94 exceed the number of vacancies to be filled on the board. These names shall be sent to the
95 membership at least ten business days prior to the annual meeting, and members shall be invited
96 to nominate other candidates by petition—the petition to have at least twenty signatures of Club
97 members. Nominations shall be closed as of the end of the annual meeting.
99 Following the annual meeting a ballot shall be developed by the Secretary and shall be sent
100 by electronic mail to the membership. Ballots are to be returned to electronically by a set date.
101 Vote tallies shall be reviewed by the Campus Club Executive Committee. Those candidates who
102 receive the highest number of votes will be considered as elected. A tie vote shall be decided by
103 lot. New Board members shall assume their positions at the September meeting of the Board. 
105 Article VI: Board of Directors
107 The Board of Directors shall be composed of no more than eighteen voting members, the
108 size to be determined by the Board. Each term shall be three years; a maximum of two
109 consecutive terms or six consecutive years is allowable. An officer who is elected in the
110 sixth year of service may serve a seventh year on the Board.
112 The Board shall appoint an interim Board member to complete the term of a resigning or
113 deceased Board member. Such an interim Board member may be nominated for up to two
114 full consecutive terms thereafter.
116 Members of the Board shall not receive any compensation for their services, and shall
117 adhere to The Campus Club Policy on Conflict of Interest.
119 The Board shall have within their charge all of the properties, governance, and
120 management of The Campus Club except insofar as such duties are hereinafter delegated.
122 A meeting of the Board shall be held once each month and at other times at the call of the
123 President or at the request of any three directors.
125 The Board of Directors is authorized:
127 (a) To develop and approve Campus Club policies.
129 (b) To approve the annual budget.
131 (c) To establish membership dues and administrative fees.
133 (d) To fill vacancies that may occur on the Board or in any office. All such
134       appointments expire at the next annual meeting.
136 (e) To propose amendments to the Bylaws of The Campus Club for consideration
137       at the annual meeting as described in Article XII.
139 (f) To make all contracts in the name of, and for the benefit of, The Campus Club,
140       except insofar as the Board may delegate this power.
142 (g) To elect all officers and to appoint committees with such powers and duties as
143       the Board may designate.
145 (h) To approve a bank as depository of the funds of the The Campus Club.
147 (i) To submit by mail or electronic-mail ballot to voting members of the The
148       Campus Club those matters that at least five of the voting Board members may
149       wish referred to the voting membership of The Campus Club. No vote shall be
150       taken until the matter proposed shall have been discussed at a regular or a 
151       special meeting of the membership. Any subsequent motion supported by a
152       majority of those voting shall become an official action of The Campus Club.
154 (j) To appoint an Executive Director who shall be responsible for day-to-day operations
155       and for monitoring progress towards goals and objectives determined by the Board.
156       The Executive Director shall report to the Board at each regular meeting of the Board
157       and shall normally attend meetings except when an "in camera” meeting or portion of 
158       a meeting is called. The Executive Director shall report to the membership at the annual
159       meeting. The Executive Director shall be an ex officio and nonvoting member of the
160       Board and of the Executive Committee and the Audit Committee.
162 In exercising its authority the Board of Directors shall follow such written guidelines as it
163 may establish from time to time.
165 Article VII: Officers
167 Only Board members are eligible to hold office.
169 The President shall ordinarily preside at all meetings of The Campus Club and of the
170 Board. In the event of the President’s absence, a meeting of The Campus Club or of the
171 Board may elect its presiding officer, if the Vice President is also absent.
173 The Vice President, in the President’s absence, shall preside at meetings of The Campus
174 Club and of the Board.
176 The Secretary shall keep a record of the meetings of The Campus Club and of the Board, shall
177 conduct official correspondence of The Campus Club, and shall notify members of their election.
179 The Treasurer shall chair the Audit Committee, appointed by the Board to oversee the
180 financial affairs of the club. The Treasurer shall receive from the Executive Director
181 regular, written financial reports and join the Executive Director in discussing these
182 reports when they are presented to the Board.
184 By Authority of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer may delegate the following duties
185 to the Executive Director of the Campus Club: Issuance of checks for the purpose of 
186 necessary expenditures; payment of expenditures necessary to the operations of the Club.
187 The Treasurer shall have the responsibility to review the certificate of insurance on
188 Directors and Officers annually, and shall review and sign all monthly financial
189 transaction reports. 
191 Article VIII: Selection of Officers and Appointment of Committees
193 Election of all Board officers—viz., President, Vice President, Secretary, and
194 Treasurer—for terms of two years shall occur at the first meeting of the fiscal year, or as
195 necessary. Officers shall not serve for more than three consecutive two-year terms.
197 The Executive Committee and the Audit Committee shall be standing committees of the
198 club. The Board may establish additional committees as appropriate. Chairs of such
199 committees shall be nominated by the President and approved by the Board.
201 Article IX: Indebtedness
203 No debt beyond the ordinary operating and maintenance expense of the Campus Club
204 may be incurred without a concurring vote of at least two-thirds of the members of the
205 Board of Directors.
207 Article X: Principle of Equal Treatment
209 In its membership and employment policies and practices, and in the use of its services
210 and facilities, The Campus Club commits itself to the principle that there shall be no
211 discrimination in the treatment of persons because of race, color, creed, religion, national
212 origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or
213 sexual orientation.
215 Article XI: Parliamentary Authority
217 The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall
218 govern The Campus Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not
219 inconsistent with these Bylaws and special rules of order that The Campus Club may adopt.
221 Article XII: Amendment of Bylaws
223 The Bylaws may be amended at the annual meeting of The Campus Club by a majority
224 vote of voting members present and voting, provided that the proposed amendment has
225 been submitted to the voting membership in the announcement of the annual meeting.
227 Article XIII: Fees
229 The Board shall set an annual fee for each category of membership
231 Article XIV. Financial Review and Official Indemnifications
233 Upon recommendation from the Audit Committee the Board shall arrange for an annual
234 financial review or financial audit to be conducted by a recognized accounting firm. A
235 financial audit, rather than a review, shall be held at least once every three years.
237 To the extent permitted by law, any former or present director or officer of The Campus
238 Club who was or is a party to, or is threatened to be made a party to, any proceeding,
239 wherever and by whomever brought, by reason of former or present official capacity as a
240 director or officer, while serving at the request of this organization, shall be indemnified
241 by The Campus Club against expenses actually and reasonably incurred in connection
242 with the proceeding, including the expenses of attorneys’ fees, judgments, fines, and
243 amounts paid in settlement.
245 Article XV. Dissolution
247 This organization may be dissolved in accordance with the laws of the State of
248 Minnesota. Upon dissolution or final liquidation of The Campus Club, any surplus
249 property remaining after the payment of its lawful debts and liabilities shall be distributed
250 to a nonprofit, qualified entity in the state of Minnesota.
252 (Approved by the membership on May 21, 2019, at the annual meeting.)