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Card Use Policy

Thank you for using the Campus Club and investing in a department membership. The Campus Club offers full restaurant and bar service, and is a premier venue for meetings and events on campus. The department membership fee is $360 per year and will be billed to your account.

Your account number will be shared with you via email and you will receive two membership cards with this number. These cards are for department use only. We suggest that the department administrator, or other responsible person be in charge of the cards and the card number, and keep track of who is using the Club and for what purpose. Here are some suggestions on how to use the Club:

LUNCH is served Monday through Friday starting at 11am. Most guests use the Servery (cafeteria) and we are happy to make guest cards for your group, and reserve a table for them. For special occasions, donors, people who cannot carry a tray, we will provide menu service but you must make a reservation 24 hours in advance. To make a reservation call 6-7788 or email this form.

BAR use is determined by your department. To make a reservation in the bar, call 4-9136.

MEETINGS and EVENTS can be arranged through the events office by emailing

DEPARTMENTAL USE FORMS can help you to document department use of the Club. This form is available online or next to the cashier in the Servery.

PERSONAL USE of the department membership is not allowed. The membership is a University asset and therefore must be used for business purposes only. You may not give the department membership number to the cashier and pay with cash. You must charge to the account, or pay with a University P Card.