Private Event FAQs

If you have a question and don't see an answer below, please ask us when you fill out the Room Request form

  • Do you offer any specials for Corporate/Business Events? 
    We'll sponsor your first event without requiring you to become a Campus Club member. If you book the West Wing dining room, one year of Campus Club Membership is included.

  • What are the rates to have an event at the Campus Club?
    There are two sets of rates and food/beverage minimums: one set for university events and another for special (non-university) events.
    • University events are defined as events that will be paid for with “University dollars.”
    • We do not have separate rates for nonprofits or student groups.

  • Can we bring in outside food?
    The Campus Club does not allow outside food, with the exception of a wedding cake.

  • Can I prorate the room rental fee if we are using it for less than 5 hours?
    No. Rentals are for 5 hours regardless of how much time the room is used.

  • Can I use Zoom in your spaces?
    Yes, we use the University WiFi in every room.

  • How does renting the Terrace work?
    During the week, the Terrace is available to rent beginning at 3pm. At 3pm, half of the Terrace is reserved for the private event and the other half remains open for our members to dine. The entire Terrace is available to rent beginning at 8pm. On the weekends, the Terrace is available from 8am to 10pm.

  • What happens if I rent the Terrace and it rains?
    All Terrace rentals include our Lounge Corridor for use in bad weather. Cancellations for bad weather are subject to our standard cancellation policy.

  • Do you validate parking?
    We do not validate parking for members or guests. If you are hosting a private event at the Campus Club, you can choose to pay for your guests' parking and it will be added to your Campus Club invoice.

  • Can non-members reserve spaces or book events?
    No. You must be a member to book events at the Campus Club.

  • Can I add a bar for my event? If so, is there a fee?
    Portable bars are available for groups of 25 or more. There is an hourly fee for the portable bar dependent on the number of guests (see below). Groups of 24 or less are welcome to order drinks at the Campus Club Main Bar. Some exceptions will apply on a case by case basis.
    • 25-99 guests - $75 per hour
    • 100-149 guests - $100 per hour
    • 150+ guests - $125 per hour 
  • Is the main Bar open for larger groups?
    • Groups of 8 or less can make a table reservation in the bar.
    • Groups of 9-29 have the option of reserving the couch section of the bar.
    • Groups of 31-50 can rent the entire bar beginning at 8pm.
    • The bar cannot be rented for groups exceeding 50 guests.

  • Do you require a contract to be signed?
    Contracts are not required for University events. Special events and weddings require a contract to be signed.

Event Policies

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