Event Policies

Private Event Policies

If you have already booked with us, please refer to your event confirmation for a complete list of our policies. Below is just a summary.

Room Rental Event Fees

Room rates are for 5 hours. There is a $50/hour charge for each additional hour for University events. There is a $100/hour charge for each additional hour for non-University events. You have access to reserved rooms 30 minutes before and after events at no charge.

Non-Room Rental Event Fees

Food & Beverage Minimum: For each event space, $12.50 per person for University Events excluding the West Wing, $18 per person for University events in the West Wing, or $30 per person for special events. This does not apply to the small meeting rooms or the Bar.
Campus Club Service Fee: A service fee of 18% will be added, but is not limited to the following: all food; beverages, AV, dance floor set-up, and flip charts. The Service Fee is subject to Minnesota State Sales Tax and is property of the Campus Club. It is distributed as wages to all service employees.
MN State Sales Tax: 7.775%
Alcohol Sales Tax: 10.275%

Food & Beverage Guarantee

Final number of guests must be confirmed 7 days prior to the event. This number will be considered a guarantee, not subject to reduction. Increases made within 7 days will be subject to a 50% upcharge. 

Cancellation Policy

If cancelling an event less than 14 days prior to the event it is subject to payment of your room fee and a percentage of the food/beverage order, or F&B minimum if an order has not been placed.
Less than 14 days notice: 10%
Less than 7 days notice: 25%
Less than 24 hours: 50%


Minimum Guest Count

No minimum during business hours. We require a minimum of 50 guests for events on a weekend. Other limits may apply to non-business hours.

Internet Access

Wireless internet is supported by the University of Minnesota Wireless Network. Internet speed is approximately 100 MB. Wired internet speed is 1 GB.

Additional Rental Items

The Campus Club has an array of event service rental items (Audio/Visual, Flip Charts, Dance Floor, Vases, and more) available for your use. Connect with event staff to discuss any additional needs well in advance of your meeting. These items may not be available if they are not requested in advance. We recommend that you test your equipment in advance of your event.

On Site Catering

All food and beverage must be purchased through the Campus Club. No outside food or beverages may be brought in, with the exception of cakes. There is a cake service fee if you bring in a cake. We do not allow homemade items. NO LEFTOVER FOOD CAN BE TAKEN FROM THE CAMPUS CLUB, with the exception of cake that you bring in.

Booking Events

Events are booked on a first come, first served basis. We do not put holds on rooms.
All event requests must be received electronically. Event requests will not be accepted over the phone.
The Campus Club is a membership organization. Members may sponsor events for non-members. We will sponsor a first-time corporate event without requiring a membership. Call Executive Director Ann Holt at 612-624-6626 if you have any questions about membership

Additional Charges for Campus Club Events when Coffman Union is closed

Coffman Union does not hold regular hours on Sundays and University Holidays. A $400 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of reservation to open for an event when Coffman Union is scheduled to be closed. A five hour minimum is required to open the building when it is not scheduled to be open. There is a charge of $100/hour to keep the building open when it is not scheduled to be open. This includes keeping the building open past a scheduled close time. We will let you know if your event is scheduled for one of these times.