There are many ways to enjoy lunch at the Campus Club. We have several options for members and their guests. Our Servery cafeteria is open at lunch time on weekdays.

Simplest of all: go through the Servery line and then find a table in our West Wing dining room, the bar, or on the Terrace. Show the cashier your Campus Club membership card and your lunch will be charged to your account. 

Bring Guests

If you would like to bring guests for lunch in the Servery, we will give you some Guest Cards. Your guests will give the cashier this card. We can make Guest Cards for you in advance or when you show up. It will be quicker for you if we make these in advance.

For department membership accounts, meals will be charged to your account. For personal memberships, let us know if we should charge your account or whether your guests will pay. 

Reserve a Table in the West Wing

We can reserve a table for up to 12 people for you in the West Wing dining room. We’ll put a sign on it with your name. You can go through the Servery, have your guests ise Guest Cards,  and bring your trays to your table.
To request a table reservation or have us just set aside some Guest Cards, fill in this form or call our front desk at 612-626-7788. If you get our voicemail, leave your name, phone number,  the  Campus  Club membership name and number, the date and time of reservation, number of guests, and whether you would like a table or just Guest Cards. We will call you back to confirm your reservation. 

We can also provide Menu Service at lunch time. 

Reserve a meeting room

If you would like to have your guests go through the Servery and then eat in one of our private rooms, contact our Events Office at or 612-625-1967.