Menu Service

For a more formal lunch experience, we can provide menu service. Just as you would in a restaurant, when you arrive you and your guests will be seated at a table covered with a linen tablecloth and fully set. A server will come to the table and take your order, and deliver your meal while you and your guests relax, visit, and enjoy the view.

Our lunch menu contains many of the selections from our Servery, including the specials of the day.

We can provide menu service for up to 12 people. Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance.

To request menu service, fill in this form or call our front desk at 612-626-7788. If you get our voicemail, leave your name, phone number, the Campus Club membership name and number, the date and time your guests will arrive, and the number of guests. We will call you back to confirm your reservation for menu service.

Reserve a meeting room

If you would like to have menu service for up to 12 guests in one of our private rooms, contact our Events Office at or 612-625-1967.
In the evening, we can provide menu service from our Bar Menu for up to 12 guests.