Day of the Dead Cocktail Pairing Dinner on November 2

Some members  of the University community have expressed concern about the Club’s Dia de Los Muertos dinner. Thank you for your input. Clearly we were remiss in communicating details about the dinner, our chefs, their backgrounds and our intentions. Please let us try again.

Chefs Nettie Colon, Jorge Ortega, Beth Jones, and the Campus Club kitchen bring you a special dinner for Dia de los Muertos. Chef Nettie Colon has an extensive background in Mexican and Mayan cuisine. She studied with Chef Ruben Exiquio Lopez Ayala, and collaborated with Chef Manuella Cocom Pat from the Si’an Ka’an biosphere reserve in Tulum. Nettie taught Mayan cooking for nine years in the Yucatan.

We recognize that Dia de Los Muertos involves meaningful, family traditions and remembrances, and that traditions vary between cultures. The Campus Club staff hope that their own personal and joyful experiences and memories of these celebrations are brought to you in the courses of this dinner. They will be present at the dinner to answer any of your questions.

Sopa de Albondiga en Chilmole Yucateco
Stuffed Albondiga Soup in Yucatecan Black Spice Broth
Paired with Persimmon Mojito
Barbacoa de Cabrito Enchilado,Tortillas Frescas, Arroz Verde y Frijoles
Fire Roasted Chile Marinated Goat with Fresh Tortillas, Green Rice and Beans
Paired with Caramelized Pineapple Mezcal Margarita
Helado de Chocolate y Canela con Pabassinas
Chocolate and Mexican Cinnamon Ice Cream with Anise Cookie
Paired with Mexican Mule with El Nivel Reposado Tequila
The dinner starts with Stuffed Ablondiga Soup in Yucatan Black Spice Broth, paired with Persimmon Mojito. The spice paste that makes the broth of this soup is known as Chilmone (or Recado Negro). Nettie brought the Chilmone from the Yucatan especially for this dinner.

Second, we took a page from Zarella Martinez’s “The Food and Life of Oaxaca: Traditional Recipes from Mexico’s Heart”

Fire Roasted Chile Marinated Goat with Fresh Tortillas, Green Rice and Beans, paired with Caramelized Pineapple Mezcal Margarita. For those of you who have tasted the Campus Club’s fresh, house-made tortillas, you won’t want to miss this dinner. One of our local farmers has been asking Chef Beth if we would ever have use for fresh goat, and after tasting how good it is, the staff felt that this dinner was the perfect opportunity to introduce it to the Club members.

Finally, Chocolate and Mexican Cinnamon Ice Cream with Pabassinas, paired with a drink made with El Nivel Reposado Tequila. The cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate were brought from Mexico by Campus Club staff. The Pabassina, an anise raisin cookie, has similarities to a Sardinian cookie made to celebrate All Saint’s Day.

Seating begins at 5 pm

Members and non-members welcome! RSVP on the Campus Club website or by calling: 612-624-9136