Meet Our New Members

A warm welcome to Campus Club members who have joined in the last few weeks. Be sure to say hello to any new members you see around the club!

Know anyone interested in membership? Have them contact Ann Holt {[email protected] or 612-624-6626} or fill out our 'Refer a Friend' form. Remember, if you refer a new member to the Campus Club, you get a free lunch.

Kevin Allen and Kendra Allen
Beth Baker (School of Public Health) and Louis Lung
Devin Behrends
Sean Burns and Janis LaDouceur
Jonathan Carter
Mark Cook (Integrative Biology and Physiology)
Jamie Dillon (Medicine) and Herbie Dillon
Traian Dumitrica (Mechanical Engineering) and Kimberly Dumitrica
John Fields (Conflict Resolution) and Leah Fields
Charles Foote (College of Science & Engineering) and Alexandria Foote
Omar Gillan
Ole Gram (Office of the Executive VP & Provost) and Andrea Du Cane
Peter Haeg (Pharmacy)
Alexandra Harris and Erick Rendon
Suad Hassan
Dorothy Hatsukami (Medical School)
Andrew Hestness and Sarah Berke
Lisa Johnson
Natalya Kenigsberg (Boynton Health Services)
Nate Koewler (OVPR and Research Animal Resources) and Molly Koewler
Susan Kratz
Jules Lehto (Biological Sciences)
Fang Li (Pharmacology)
Katarzyna Litak (Psychiatry) and Mark Litak
Carl Mason
Regina McCombs (Journalism and Mass Communication)
John McGuire
David McNally
Allison Mertins
Marie Monter (Graduate School) and Andrew Numrich
Briana Moynihan (University Bookstores)
Heather Nelson (Neurology) and Erick Nelson
Joseph Nieszner (Computer Science & Engineering) and Teresa Nieszner
Randolph Park (Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship) and Anne Elstrom Park
Jason Pennington
Christine Preston (College of Design) and Rick Preston
Fran Rabe (Academic Clinical Affairs)
Mia Riza
Junaed Sattar (Computer Science and Engineering)
Gale Shea
Wei Shen (Biomedical Engineering)
Erin Stevenson 
Daniel Sward (University Services)
Rafael Tarrago (University Libraries)
David Ulaszek (CLA) and Kristen Brogdon (Northrop)
David Vickerman
Sheila Wiegman
Faiza Yaseen

Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
Data Science Initiative
Facilities Management AVP
Masonic Institute on the Developing Brain
Medical School Administration
Medical School Dean's Office
Medical School MSTP
Medical School ODEI
University Imaging Centers