Meet Our New Members

A warm welcome to Campus Club members who have joined in the last few weeks. Be sure to say hello to any new members you see around the club!

Know anyone interested in membership? Have them contact Ann Holt { or 612-624-6626} or fill out our 'Refer a Friend' form. Remember, if you refer a new member to the Campus Club, you get a free lunch.

Sundas Abdullahi and Siham Olad
Courtney Barrette (CCAPS) and Tom Keller
Kristopher Corts
Brinsley Davis and Alexander Wohlhueter
John Dodson
Beverly Durgan (Extension) and Michael Durgan
Erin Flathmann (Biomedical Engineering)
Patricia Fontaine (Family Medicine)
Sophia Fredeen 
Luis Garrido (Journalism) and Kimberly Garrido
Tom Gleason
Rachael Hafdahl and Vince Rotty 
Tom Hainlin and Shannon Baustian 
Alexander Harrison
Salman Hassan Syed (U of M Bookstores)
Christopher Hertel (Minnesota Supercomputing Institute) and Rachel Hertel
Stacey Horn (Family Social Science) and Sharon Grimm
David Jensen (Law School)
AlyssaRose Jordan
Steven Koester
Colin Kramer and Nichole Dillemuth 
Rex Levang and Richard Sandburg 
Zhen Liu (Physics and Astronomy)
Julia Lujan (Spansh + Portuguese)
Stan Mack II and Margaret Leibfried 
Alexander Malen (Carlson School) and Paula Resendiz (CLA)
Aodan Marshall (CLA)
Tracy McCall (Student Unions and Activities) and Harrison Schmidt
Daniel Moore and Laura Tempel 
Barbara Moser and Amy Moser
Princess Nwaudo (Student Unions and Activities) 
Molly Portz (GPS Alliance)
Julie Prince (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)
Matt Reints (Student Unions and Activities) and Christina Clarkson 
Gail Renteria (CEHD) and Gary Renteria 
Alicia Sellie and Todd Anderson
Katherine Covey Spanier (Weisman Art Museum) and Reggie Spanier 
Alice Specter 
Lynn Stearns
Susan Tincher and Jim Tincher 
Rose Wangen (Cancer Center)
John Ward and Michele Ward
Stephen Willging and Katherine Wells 
Susan Wolf
Samuel Yue
Business Association of Multicultural Students
CCAPS Deans Office