Meet Our New Members

A warm welcome to Campus Club members who have joined in the last few weeks. Be sure to say hello to any new members you see around the club!

Know anyone interested in membership? Have them contact Ann Holt {[email protected] or 612-624-6626} or fill out our 'Refer a Friend' form. Remember, if you refer a new member to the Campus Club, you get a free lunch.

Elizabeth Beerman (Tax Management)
Lalinne Bell
Candace Bonrud (Carlson Global Institute) 
Juliet Burba (Institute for Advanced Study) and Gregory Donofrio 
Katherine Cairns and Jeffrey Cairns
Maria Castellanos 
Christopher Chomiuk 
Esther Dale
Jo Debruycker 
Emmanuel Detournay (CEGE)
Benita Dieperink (Psychiatry) 
Christine Drayton 
Devin Driscoll and Katherine Driscoll 
Max Engelstein (Mathematics) 
David Favero (Computer Science & Engineering) and Cindy Im
Ada-Arlaine Fonkoue (Physical Therapy)
Emily Goff and Ricardo Medeiros 
Thomas Golin 
Alexis Grimes Trotter 
Bojan Guzina (Civil & Environmental Engineering) and Branislava Mijailovic 
Nancy Helmich 
Luke Ibis
Ognjen Ilic (Mechanical Engineering) and Nicole Ilic 
Nicola Imbracsio (CLA Undergraduate Education)
Katherine Karger
Joseph Labuz (Civil, Environmental and Geo Engineering) and Kimberly Labuz
Richard Lee (Psychology) and Heewon Lee
John Logie
Valeria Lopez Torres 
Alona McCreary (Information Technology)
Anne Mockovak (Pharmacology)
Bahja Mohamed 
Katherine Morrison
Edie Nelson (Masonic Cancer Center)
James Oliphant (Medicine)
Giuseppe Palumbo (Writing Studies)
Shashank Priya (Office of the Sr. VP for Research)
Fernando Rodriguez (Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence) and Garrett Hoffman
Rachel Schorn
Barbara Shin
Lori Strayer (Masonic Cancer Center) and Jasper Strayer 
Molly Sturges (Medical School)
Ria Sweeney (Student Unions and Activities) and Kent Floyd
Doug Thayer
Honghong Tinn and Wayne Soon
Traci Trotter (Urology)
Sai Suchir Tyada 
Jeffrey Van Nest (Law School) and Robin Van Nest
Jiuzhou Wang 

Center For Healthy Aging And Innovation
Chicano and Latino Studies
Department of Micorbiology and Immunology
History of Medicine
Office of Advancement
Religious Studies Program
Swimming and Diving
Writing Across the Curriculum