Meet Our New Members

A warm welcome to Campus Club members who have joined in the last few weeks. We look forward to seeing you around the Club.
Know anyone interested in membership? Have them contact Ann Holt at or 612-624-6626. Remember, if you refer a new member to the Campus Club, you get a free lunch.

Graham and Jennifer Allan
Alan Baum and Michelle Orr
Peter and Michelle Bergner
Keith and Marian Champlin
Rochelle Emmel
James Farnsworth
Peter and Laura Franco
Aaron and Molly Gage
Dan and Karla Gallogly
Joseph Gerteis and Nicole Chaisson
Peter and Mary Gilbertson
Jim and Bonnie Handzel
Carrie Howard
David and Patricia Izek
David and Stacey Kanihan
Kevin Leder and Jasmine Foo
Guillermo Perez Soberanes
Eleanor Pijut
Rick Radder and Diana Schutter
Kevin Wickman
Ben Zimmerman