What is Today's Daily Special? How to Find Out

Every day our Chefs create a great Daily Special in addition to our fabulous selection of fresh housemade salads, soups, and sandwiches. There are several easy ways to see what the Daily Special entree and featured sandwich are:

  • We tweet the special most days at 11:00 am. Follow us at @CampusClubUMN 
  • Check the Daily Special page of our web site around 10:45 am, or wait until 11:40 when (most days) we post a picture of it. 
  • Check the Facebook page around 11:40 am for a description and picture. 
  • Come in after 11:00 am and read the chalkboards by the front desk. Or just march right into the Servery, go to the Daily Special station, and look for yourself!