Meet Our New Members

A warm welcome to Campus Club members who have joined in the last few weeks. Be sure to say hello to any new members you see around the club!

Know anyone interested in membership? Have them contact Ann Holt {[email protected] or 612-624-6626} or fill out our 'Refer a Friend' form. Remember, if you refer a new member to the Campus Club, you get a free lunch.

Tamera Alpaugh (Pharmacy) and Jeffrey Alpaugh
Amanda Anderson and Charles Anderson
Bartlett Baker Jr
Justin Broughman and Molly Hayes 
Donald Bystrom and Sounaly Bystrom
Nick Caliandro
Todd Cellotti and Amber Cellotti
Pamela Cherry (Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing) and Shane Stubblefield 
Paidamoyo Chikate 
Elizabeth Davis (Medicine)
Colleen Donahue (CLA Advancement) and Jeff Miller 
Chris Dovolis (Computer Science and Engineering)
Erin Durban
Panny Edgell and Mark Smeltzy 
Eugene Floersch (M Simulation) and Tara Floersch
Hannah Gartzke (Pharmacy) and Paul Gartzke
Jody Gray
Lars Hansen
Theresa Harvath (Nursing)
Mary Haverkost (CSENG)
Ann Hill Duin
Robert Halverson 
Ryan Hunter
Jason Jones 
Sarah Jones (Energy Management) and Joseph Musco 
Miranda Joseph and Erin Duban-Albrecht 
Julia Lemos (Neuroscience)
Jesse Lewis (Organizational Leadership Policy and Development) and Natasha Lewis
Larry Lindenbaum and Liza Balestrieri 
Deb Ludowese (CLA - LATIS)
Jennifer Marshall and Rawson Stovall
Richie McDonnell 
Betsy Mowry Voss (CDES Student Services) and Joseph Voss
Kirsten Muller (Tax Management)
JaneAnne Murray
Autumn Odean and Arthur Machado  
Katie Pekel (Organizational Leadership Policy and Development)
Barbara Peterson
Alissa Pier and Brent Pier
Jennie Robinson Kloos
Dylisi Sheffield
Zach Siggelkow and Natalie Riley 
Helen Siggelkow
Marien Simeni 
Darrius Stanley (CEHD) and Jaimee Stanley
Nathaniel Stewart (CEHD - OLPD)
Nora Swingen
Susan Tade 
Rachel Veenstra (Earth and Environmental Sciences) and Kevin Veenstra
Alison Vincent and Leslie Vincent 
Najmo Yusuf 
Nadia Zamoida (Food Science Nutrition)
John Zech and Robin Ryan

American Studies
Educational Psychology
Leadership Annual Giving
Student Counseling Services