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The Campus Club is the University's premier restaurant & event venue, located on the 4th Floor of Coffman Memorial Union. All individuals, businesses, and University Departments are welcome to join! The Campus Club operates its own kitchen, preparing delicious food from scratch daily. With an ever changing variety of fresh & healthy options, the Club is not just the place to meet but the place to eat!


The Campus Club gives the University of Minnesota:

  • A welcoming place for all to gather, meet, and celebrate!
  • A unique program to provide free meals to UMN students and others experiencing food insecurity
  • A neutral space that doesn't belong to one college or department
  • An independent kitchen that highlights UMN developed, organic and locally grown food

Your Club belongs to you!
Reach out, build bridges, eat well, have fun

With the only bar on campus and a convenient location, the Club is the perfect place to gather!

Choose your level of support

Everyone is invited to join, even Departments!

Your membership let's the Campus Club continue our mission to bring people together and supports our unique programs.

Members Enjoy:
  • Central campus location
  • Exclusive club events
  • Free access to our small meeting rooms
  • Member pricing on food/drinks
  • The only bar on campus
  • Larger meeting and event spaces

Membership Options:
  • Basic  |  $88 /year
    Receive a free lunch when you join

  • Friend of the Club  |  $260 /year
    Receive a free lunch when you join plus a $50 annual credit

  • Advocate | $650 /year
    Receive a free lunch when you join plus a $100 annual credit

  • Leader | $1300 /year
    Receive a free lunch when you join plus a $200 annual credit

  • Student | $50 /year
    Receive a free lunch when you join. Cannot carry an account balance or reserve rooms.

Already a member? Recruit a new member and you'll both get a free lunch certificate!

Contact Executive Director Ann Holt (612-624-6626) directly for more information or to set up a tour.

Banner photograph courtesy of Becca Dilley.


Membership FAQs + Policies

Click here to view our Membership FAQs. 

Click here to view FAQs for UMN Departments.

You can view our Membership Policies by clicking here

Photos provided by: Campus Club staff, Carly Mac PhotographyBecca Dilley Photography, Jayme Halbritter Photography